4 Major Golf Tournaments

1. PGA Championship
The PGA Championship is a prestigious golf tournament first held in 1916. The tournament is held by PGA in August, the latest among all major golf tournaments, and the winner receives the Rodman Wanamaker Trophy.

2. Unites States Open Golf Championship
The US Open is known for only being held in country clubs with history over 50 years. Since 1898, the tournament was divided into amateur tournament and professional tournament, and players play 1 round per day(18 holes) for 4 days.

3. The British Open
It is the oldest tournament established in 1860. The championship is organized by the R&A which is the ruling authority of golf around the world, and the hosting location is rotated among 8 courses: 5 from Scotland, 3 from England. The courses are notorious among golfers, as all courses are adjacent to the ocean. Since the prize money is less than other major championships, there are less participants; nevertheless, it has established itself as a tournament of honor and authority.

4. Masters Tournament
It is a tournament held for four days, 18 holes per day, in which golf masters around the world participates. The course, designed by Dr. Alister MacKenzie at Augusta, Georgia, of which 11th, 12th, and 13th hole is so difficult that it is called the ‘amen corner’ among the players. The winner receives the ‘green jacket’, and the systematic and flawless tournament operation maintains the honor and authority of the Masters. The tournament is held at one location each year, and players, with world ranking of 50 or less, or with prize money ranking of 40 or less, receives automatic invitation.